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To provide a forum for all Ogba people based in the United States of America to come together for the purpose of promoting the development of Ali-Ogba by pursuing the objectives of UUSA listed below.


UUSA Constitution identifies the following conditions in Ali-Ogba:

-          backwardness, poverty; widespread disorientation; ethnicity and tribalism; cultural depravity; degradation of the natural resource base, lack of enabling environment for development

-          existence of opportunities for social-economic growth, respect for human dignity and rule of law

-          the need to contribute to development of Ali-Ogba

Based on the above, the following specific objectives have been identified:

-          to educate of Ali-Ogba people on democratic government principles

-          to promote good governance system in the area

-          to increase political awareness

-          to provide  advisory services and assistance to governments, organizations etc

-          to liaise with local and international organizations to pursue the above objectives

In addition to these objectives, I am suggesting we add the following:

 -          To foster the unity and welfare of all Ogba people by projection of Ogba identity, advancement of  Ali-Ogba common interest as well as brotherhood,  social and cultural understanding among the communities

-          To promote economic development through capital access and job and entrepreneurial training programs to persons with limited resources

-          To promote community health and nutrition through health education campaigns and medical supplies.

-          To promote education and institutional capacity of Ali-Ogba for community development through leadership training, award of scholarships to students, supply of technological equipment and training, organizing of preparatory classes for entry into the university, and literacy campaigns



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