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Membership to UmuogbaUSA, Inc. is open to any Ogba person by birth or marriage that complies with conditions of membership specified in schedule 1 of the constitution.

                        MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS

"Any adult Ogba Person residing in the United States of America shall be
eligible for membership in the Association and shall become a member upon
completion of the Association's application form and payment of the full
amount of annual dues."
To find out how you can become a member, please review the bylaws,
 complete, and mail membership application form to the secretary.

    Click here to download form.    

UmuOgbaUSA is a social, cultural, educational and philanthropic association formed to unite and promote mutual  understanding between the people of Ogba, Igburu, Egi, and Usomini towns in Onelga Local government in Rivers state, Nigeria.

Formed in 2001, UmuOgbaUSA Association have continued to keep its active members commitment to the ideas that lead to the formation of the association that was conceived in Atlanta, Georgia.

There’s no denying that we have witnessed an immense interest amongst other sons and daughters who are not yet members, but are trying to redouble their efforts to become one and join a good course.

As much as it is humanly possible, we want to encourage our membership to organize yearly picnics, cultural shows, and both philanthropic and research activities that can be translated into positive accomplishments.

For Ali-Ogba, it is such involvements like these that the association mostly wants to be credited with. We the members of UmuOgbaUSA association has agreed to work together to actively participate in preserving the Ogba culture and continue our tradition by using the resources available to us to help uplift the quality of life of Ogba people worldwide.

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